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Purpose Games - Locations of the United States  

Shepperd Software - States & Capitals

Sporacle - Spell and Identify the 50 States

Ben's Guide - Place the State

​​Virtual Car Trip Through the USA
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The History Channel - License Plate Game

The Map Test from pigmub - Timed - 50 States

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United States Features Map Puzzle

Sheppard Games - States, Capitals & Landscapes

Quia - Latitude and Longitude Game

Latitude and Longitude Pretest
Latitude and Longitude Quiz

Latitude - plus 18 other topics including longitude, compass rose, and more!
Latitude - changed the world in many ways
Latitude/Longitude Converter - converts lat. and long. into three different formats
Latitude/Longitude Position Finder - click on US map to get lat./long. for any place
Latitude and Longitude Online Tutorial - created by Mr. Bowerman