KTO Grant

Keystones to Opportunity Grant

Harmony Area School District receives $183,818 in

Keystones to Opportunity-Striving Reader’s Grant

The Harmony Area School District has been notified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs, that the district is the recipient of a $183,818 Keystones to Opportunity-Striving Readers GrantHarmony was one of the 56 Pennsylvania public school districts to receive a share of $36,670,720 in competitive grant funds designed to improve reading instruction for children from birth to grade 12. Keystones to Opportunity is Pennsylvania’s vision for sustainable growth in reading achievement. The grant opportunity came to Pennsylvania from the United States Department of Education.  Pennsylvania has the opportunity to receive a total of $193 million over a five year period.  Harmony was awarded $183,818 for birth to age five students this first year of the grant with a chance to be awarded additional funds during the next four additional years.